Concello de Dumbría

It’s, unquestionably, the town that most supports the Grand Long Distance Ézaro. Dumbría is a small town in A Costa da Morte with around 3000 inhabitants. Its landscapes are of a unique beauty. The waterfall of the Xallas River or the Mirador do Ézaro attract thousands of tourists each year.

Concello de Muros

Muros is a southern town where the event passes through. It has around 8700 inhabitants and has a profound shellfishing and fishing tradition.

Concello de Carnota

Another town with an incalculable landscape value, has the well-known Carnota Beach, 7 km long, along with the Caldebarcos Marshes, both absolute musts for anyone who visits the area.

Concello de Cee

Around 7000 people live here and is the peloton’s objective as soon as they leave Ézaro and head towards the north.

Concello de Muxia

A town filled with history. The Virxe da Barca Sanctuary, Cape Touriñan or Lourido Beach are the three main areas of interest that will, undoubtedly, make your visit to A Costa da Morte unforgettable.