The people of this coastal region have been witnesses of the sea's fury for centuries, making it an area of historical shipwrecks. Its geographical situation, open to the Atlantic Ocean, filled with large rugged rocks, and the harsh climate have made this area a legendary place, where the dangers of the sea, plagued with shipwrecks, contrast with the overwhelming beauty of its landscapes.

This unique scene has its essence is the Ézaro Waterfall. The River Xallas flows in this area and falls 40 metres, with great potency, to the cristal waters of the cove which opens to the Atlantic Ocean. This breathtaking region is where the Grand Long Distance Ézaro takes place.

The Vuelta a España 2013 revealed to the general public what was known by the galician amateurs: deep ramps which makes this area of incredible beauty a unique point where physical effort, sporting challenges, tourism, culture and landscape come together.