Cycling has always been a highly nature linked sport. It enables riders to discover landscapes that are difficult to access, using routes that were long forgotten, and enter areas almost untouched by man (because they don’t lead to anywhere important) where they can enjoy the incredible views and sometimes present riders a challenging yet satisfying ascent.

That’s why the environment preservation is fundamental, so that the situations described previously can continue being possible, and with this in mind, we work very hard so that before, during and after the event, anything that may have been altered may return to its original state. The beautiful area of A Costa da Morte is the main feature of the Grand Long Distance Ézaro, and as such, must be treated with maximum respect.

As organizers of Gran Fondo Ézaro, we were the first ones to take this issue very seriously from the beginning and made it a basic pillar in our organisation. For this, we took different measures that were innovating, (and little by little where adopted by other sporting events), such as the devices in the ‘green collecting points’ in each provisioning point, which is a type of large net, where cyclists can deposit their waste in an easy and simple way. These nets facilitate their collection.

Moreover, we can count on a large number of volunteers that are highly efficient and are mainly responsible for the success of the event, making sure there are no loose ends, that all the plans arranged by the team are carried out and that all goals are met in a solvent manner, without hardly any problems in terms of logistics.

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