End of The Way

If Galicia is crossed by pilgrimage routes to Santiago by all of its sides, it is towards its impressive coast where the End of the Way is heading, the last steps of those paths that built Europe through the centuries. Because the pilgrimage to Santiago is not complete without reaching the ‘end of the earth’ and its this end wich we want to enjoy by bicycle.


Scenario of historical shipwrecks, the people of Costa da Morte have witnessed the fury of the sea for centuries. Its geographical orientation, open to the Atlantic, its rock formation and the harsh climate have made this region a legendary place, where enjoy the contrast of its dangerous sea, full of shipwrecks, with the overwhelming beauty of its landscapes.


This is the unique scenario in which takes place this event, that focuses its essence on the Ézaro Waterfall, where the Xallas River flows directly into the sea with a 40-meter waterfall unique in Europe. The violence of the fall of the water leads to the crystalline waters of the cove that flows into the Atlantic.

La Vuelta a España 2013 also discovered for the whole public what was already known by Galician amateurs: the huge ramps that make this landscape of unique beauty a unique point to unite effort and sports challenge, tourism, culture and landscape.The rise to the viewpoint of Ézaro and its 30% ramps are already famous in this sport and, in fact, the great Spanish round will visit them again in this year’s edition. Although, first, our racers will.
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