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Eze Mosquera Events, licensed by the Galician Cycling Federation, number B70351341, is organising, in collaboration with the Dumbría Council and the Dumbría Cycling Club, the “Gran Fondo Ézaro – Fin do Camiño” race.

The event will be held on 7 July in Ézaro – Dumbría.

Gran Fondo Ézaro – Fin do Camiño will be held on 7 July, with the authorisations of the International Cycling Union, the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation, the Galician Cycling Federation, as well as the other bodies on which the event depends, under the following specific regulations.


The race will be held on 7 July 2024, starting and finishing in EZARO (DUMBRIA). GPS coordinates 42o 54′ 42″ N – 9o 7′ 25″ W

The format of the race is governed by Title XV of the UCI Cycling Sport Regulations – Cycling for All and will be developed with the following characteristics:


The route will be open to all those interested in participating with or without a licence issued by a cycling federation recognised by the UCI for the current year.

The only valid insurances to participate in the event are the accident and RC insurances provided with the cycling federation licence issued by a body associated to the International Cycling Union, or the one-day insurance provided by the Federación Galega de Ciclismo.

Participants attending the event with a licence issued by a Federation or organisation affiliated to the International Cycling Union other than the Galician Cycling Federation must verify that the accident insurance issued with their federation licence has coverage in Galicia, specifically in health centres in the Province of A Coruña.

At the time of registration, the participant who does not have a federative licence will be issued with the corresponding one-day licence, which will entitle him/her to have accident and liability insurance during the day of the race, in accordance with the terms of the Galician Cycling Federation:

Any person who is at least 17 years of age on the day of the event may participate in the march. Participants under 18 years of age must provide
an authorisation to participate signed by a legal guardian.

It is possible to participate with a normal road bike or an electric bike. Participants using an e-bike will be classified separately.

Participation in the event is at the participants’ own risk and responsibility.

At the time of registration, the participant declares that he/she is physically fit to take part in the race and that he/she has no physical or psychological impediment to take part in the race.

It is recommended that all participants undergo a health check or stress test in order to verify that they are fit to participate in the race.


The following categories of participation will be established:


The Galician Cycling Federation will provide a one-day license to those who do not have a license issued by a cycling federation recognized by the UCI, paying the corresponding fee of € 10.00 in addition to the registration fee.


The organization of the race is governed by the current traffic regulations, so it is mandatory to use the approved protective helmet throughout the course. Failure to comply with this rule will be cause for immediate expulsion.

The route will be held in part by sections closed to traffic and other sections will be considered ordinary traffic. All participants are considered to be on a personal excursion and must abide by the current Rules of the Road Traffic Code and are considered personally responsible for all infractions they may commit.

It is compulsory to carry a charged cell phone during the race. The mobile phone will be the key to contact the organization or the rest of the services of the race, if necessary, due to mechanical breakdown or medical issues. The emergency telephone numbers will appear on the race bib and will be publicized by various means.

Participants are warned that the fact of circulating an opening vehicle does not mean the paralyzation of traffic, but it is a signaling.

Safety on public roads, traffic control and regulation will be the responsibility of the security forces, but it should be remembered that traffic on the route will be open and that, above all, the traffic must follow the rules of the road.

The entire route of the event will be considered as an ordinary traffic section. This must be taken into account when crossing towns, going through traffic circles and crossroads, descending mountain passes, etc. You must ride on the right side of the road at all times and respecting the rules of the road.

It is compulsory to wear the race bib in a visible place, both at the start and at the refreshment posts. There will be a rigorous control of bibs.

It is strictly forbidden to participate in the march without a bib or any other identification given to the participants by the organization.

The bib number is personal and non-transferable.

The departure of the route from the E?zaro will be grouped until passing the town of Muros. From approximately kilometer 37 it will be free pace and without grouping.

However, the Organization, or the Mobile Road Safety Unit in charge of the safety of the event, may make the regroupings it deems appropriate, as well as the controls considered necessary for the smooth running of the event.

All participants must respect the rules of the road and especially all participants who are further behind and circulate individually and / or in small groups. The traffic of vehicles on the road is not closed.

All participants overtaken by the closing vehicle must know that they are out of the safety area of the race and that they will be considered individual cyclists riding on their own on the road, losing any status of participant of the march.

The medical team of the organization will have the power to withdraw any participant from the march when it is considered that their health is in danger.

For organizational reasons the number of participants will be limited to 1,500 participants.

The Organization is not responsible for any accident that may be the cause or victim of the participant, nor is it responsible for any expenses or debts that may be incurred by participants during the march.

Strictly speaking, penalties will be applied to those participants who:



The penalty shall be:


Each athlete participates in the race under his own responsibility and declares to be in optimal physical condition, as well as to have sufficient technical mastery to face it.

The organization advises all participants to undergo a medical examination prior to the race in order to detect and rule out any anomaly incompatible with the practice of cycling.

All participants in the march, agree to be at an adequate physical level, which allows them to meet the average times established by the organization and to be able to face the scheduled route with sufficient guarantees.


Registrations will not be considered formalized until payment has been made.

Registration must be made in advance through the website:


in the registration section.


Participants who do not have a valid federal cycling licence will have to add to the registration fee the corresponding one-day insurance that the Galician Cycling Federation has stipulated, €10.00.

Registrations will not be considered formalized until payment has been made.

In case of extraordinary weather conditions or force majeure not attributable to the organization and that make impossible the celebration of the cyclotourist march, the organization will not assume any responsibility and will not make any refund of the registration fee. In this case, the race will NOT BE SUSPENDED, it will be rescheduled.

Refunds will be made in the following cases:

With the registration you will be entitled to the following services:



The permanent office will be set up in Ézaro, in the Fervenza do Ézaro area, to collect all the documentation for the race.

On the 6th of July, previous day, the Permanent Office will be located in the Fervenza do Ézaro area from 11:30 to 14:30 and from 16:30 to 20:30, all the participants will be able to collect the documentation of the race, as well as the race bibs and the control CHIP. It is recommended that all participants use this collection option.

On 7th July, the Permanent Office will be located in the Fervenza do Ézaro area from 7:00 to 8:45, all participants will be able to collect the race documentation, as well as the bib numbers and the control CHIP.

All participants must wear their CHIP, in addition to their bib number, in a visible place. Any participant who does not wear the bib in a visible place will be excluded from the course by members of the organisation or by the forces of law and order.

The bib number is a personal and non-transferable item. The registered person will only be able to participate with the bib that has been assigned to him/her and agrees not to allow other people to use it.

In order to collect the bib number, a valid federation licence must be presented and in the case of not having a federation licence, the ID card must be presented.

From 8:45 a.m. on July 7, the race bibs will not be handed out.


Prizes will be awarded to the first classified in each of the categories listed in article 3 of these regulations.

A classification without prizes will be established for the participants who arrive at the base of the Ézaro ascent, making a classification at the starting point of the pass and another classification with prizes at the top of the pass.


The participant authorizes the use of his/her own photographs, as long as their use is related to the event to which he/she subscribes. By registering, the participant agrees that the organizer may make use of the image of all participants in any format whether graphic or digital and in all its forms (radio, press, video, photo, DVD, internet, posters, media, etc.) and assigns all rights relating to their commercial and advertising exploitation that they deem appropriate to execute, without the right on their part to receive any financial compensation.


The race will have refreshment points with drinks and food along the route and at the finish line.

The staff at the refreshment points will only allow access to the refreshment products to participants wearing a dorsal or identification bracelet.


Participants accept each of the articles of these regulations and undertake to participate in an honest manner according to the traffic rules, as well as to cover the entire course in its entirety before crossing the finish line. Likewise, they declare to be respectful with the personnel involved in the organization, the forces of public order and with the rest of the participants.

They also undertake to treat their own and other people’s sports equipment with respect, and to wear a regulation helmet, which is obligatory throughout the entire route.

In order to contribute to a minimum environmental impact of the race, participants will use the containers located at the refreshment posts and strategic points to dispose of containers, wrappers or leftover food and will refrain from throwing anything on the road during the race.


The punctuality of the schedules will be respected, having to be 30 minutes before the start time to sign the departure control sheets.

The organization will have several mechanics and vans throughout the race, as well as fixed points of mechanical assistance. Spare parts will be paid for by the participants.

The organization will have ambulances and a sag wagon.


The organization reserves the right to modify everything related to the itinerary, supplies, departure time, etc., when for reasons or circumstances so advise.


According to EU REGULATION 2016/679 on the protection of personal data, we inform you that all data provided by participants will be incorporated into an electronic file owned by Eze Mosquera Events, with the sole purpose of registering and controlling the access of participants to the sporting event included in these particular regulations. The data provided by the participants will not be used for any other reason than that of this sporting event nor will they be given to anyone who is not related to the event. The Galician Cycling Federation will have at its disposal the data necessary for the issuing of a one-day licence to participants who do not have a federative licence and the data necessary for the control of participants who indicate that they have a federative cycling licence, cycling card.

All participants who fill in the registration form must act in their own name and accept the knowledge and fulfilment of the articles that make up the particular regulations of this event.


By making and validating the registration in the race, the participant assumes the knowledge and acceptance without reservation of these rules, waiving any legal proceedings against the organization arising from their participation.


The GRAN FONDO ÉZARO – FIN DO CAMIÑO, is a sporting event, considered as an ordinary road bicycle race.

The traffic will be controlled, but open, which obliges the participants to respect the current traffic rules and to respect the drivers during the route.

RESPECTS THE ENVIRONMENT. In order to generate a minimum environmental impact, participants will use the containers located at the refreshment posts to dispose of packaging, wrappers or leftover food and will refrain from throwing anything on the road during the route.

Respect neighbors and / or workers in the area through which the route passes.

Respect the volunteers, collaborators, Civil Protection, Local Police, Civil Guard, organization staff and all personnel who are watching over you, as well as your own companions.

Respect the refreshment posts. Think that behind you there will be more participants who will also want to drink and eat like you. Only take what you need to last until the next refreshment point.

Do not stop with your bike in front of the refreshment post to refill your water bottles, this will form a lot of clogs.

Do not urinate next to the refreshment posts.

Participants who do not comply with these rules will be disqualified and removed from the cyclosportive by the organization in this and future editions.


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