The Grand Long Distance Ézaro is a popular cycling event which takes place in the incomparable Costa da Morte, an area of Galicia which is internationally attractive not only because of its landscapes and cultural values, but also due to its capacity to attract a vast number of tourists and pilgrims.

The route in the 2017 edition has widened horizons and passed through the town of Dumbría, Muxía, Muros, Cee, Carnota and Mazaricos, a route which sums up to 141 km with 3000 metres of accumulative elevation gain.
The chosen date for the event to take place is July 2nd, with a limit of 1,100 inscrptions.

The type of participants this event is aimed at is to cyclists, due to the characteristics of the event which require adequate physical conditions that implies constant preparation, dedication and effort.

The event has earned a name and has become an attraction for athletes throughout Spain and outside our borders, due to the incredible atmosphere and the values the race has.
More than a thousand cyclists added colour and vibrance to the roads of A Costa da Morte, thanks to the Grand Long Distance Ézaro, an event the galician cycling enthusiasts cannot miss, which in this occasion was crowned by the 5 times Triathlon World Champion Javier Gómez Noya. DIARIO SPORT

The Grand Long Distance Ézaro event will broaden its curriculum, thanks to the participation of historical cyclists, such as the 5 times Tour de France Champion Miguel Induráin or the Italian Claudio Chiapucci. DEPORTES CUATRO

Alex Zülle and Tony Rominger relived once more their strive on the galician roads of A Costa da Morte, as they had done in the Vuelta a España in 1993. DIARIO AS