UCI World Series

The growth of the Gran Fondo Ézaro has been exponential. The good reception of the general public year after year (both participants and family or fans), in addition to an increasing involvement of public and private entities that collaborate with the event, allows us to offer a great coverage at all levels, making the event itself is a great show, the biggest in Galicia.


Consequently, the media impact of this event is evident year after year, with coverage on television and comparations with other great tests, such as La Vuelta a España, which this year will climb again Ezaro.

In addition, there are many historical cyclists who have join us to enjoy the roads of the Costa da Morte. Legends like Miguel Indurain or Claudio Chiapucci, who came twice, Alex Zülle, Tony Rominguer, Pavel Tonkov, Joseba Beloki, Ángel Casero, Iván Raña, Óscar Pereiro or the five times world champion Javier Gómez Noya have already been part of this platoon.

All this great event also has, since its 2018 edition, the international endorsement of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series. Thus, after the suspension of the 2020 edition due to the pandemic emergency, 2021 would be the third time that Gran Fondo Ézaro would be part of this select group of races. However, considering the current health situation, the unlikely opening of borders and the current mobility restrictions, we have postponed this qualifying option until 2022.

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